I love to travel.

Speaking of spa, I am a hot spring.

Speaking of spa, I am a hot spring. Once a year, I would like to slowly unwind by extending my wings with my family, important people and friends. Traveling abroad is also wonderful, and it does not change much with the domestic trips on a price basis, but it is cheap, but after all, if you go on a trip, you want to relax and have a relaxing time at a delicious in-house lodging slowly , I travel domestically. Especially, I stayed 12 nights in a good spa inn surrounded by nature, I enjoyed the hanging out of the hanging in the day, in the evening I had a good taste with delicious dishes at delicious sake and good friends with a good talk, After sleeping slowly when sleepy using hot springs. When I woke up in the morning, I went to a hot spring again in the morning. For overseas trips as well, there are so many places I would like to visit, but there are so many things that I do not want to go to, but depending on the location I can not communicate with words Because there are many inconvenient things in many cases, I think that it is best to relax in a familiar domestic, hot spring in a place not so far, if you can slowly relax. After all the hot-spring trip is the best

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