I love to travel.

I would like to tell you why I like domestic travel overseas travel.

I would like to tell you why I like domestic travel overseas travel. 1: Since there is no time difference, it is easy to keep your body healthy. 2: Do not worry about the passport's deadline 3: You can relax as long as you do not stay in a closed room of the airplane. 4: The amount of information on travel destinations is more domestic travel than overseas travel. Because since the childhood the depth of learning in TV and school is deeper in Japan, it is accumulated as knowledge in nature and mind. 5: Do not wait much at the meeting place. If you are traveling overseas, the waiting time at the airport etc is commonplace. Especially the time to wait for baggage from an airplane is quite hard. 6: Since we are in an environment where you can drink water at all times, you can be safe wherever you go. 7: Because Japanese can communicate everywhere, there are advantages that you do not have trouble with communication. 8: The image of the travel process is easy to follow. Oh, next time it is like going here. 9: A sense of security that you can go out with light clothing. 10: Since the risk of theft is lower than overseas trips, the feeling can relax. 11: Be able to act freely in your own car. Will not it be easy to drive a car overseas? 12: You can take your cell phone. You can also contact soon so you can rest assured if you do. There is also a GPS function ... 13: Travel price is advantageous. 14: If it is a domestic trip where tour operator is coming, there is merit to be able to ask a tour operator anything in detail. I wrote about domestic travel more than overseas trip. See you soon

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